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By , February 15, 2010 2:36 pm

To save you time from looking into the entire blog to find the best posts, I have listed out the most popular posts of my site on this page.

I am trying to get a plugin to work but it does not.

    So what you get here is the lastest post and not the top post. I am working on it!

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    1. Amit Bagadia says:

      Hi Jerome,
      I am not sure if you will recollect me. I am a follow BEAM hobbyist, who you helped sometime in 2002-2003. I was just updating my resume and saw BEAM and went into a nostalgic trip through my archives and saw your name (psuedoname aka robomaniac)and googled you.

      I am glad you are doing good and some of your ideas are still inspiring (the seed lamp, electric motor scooter)

      While I took a forced sabatical from electronics since 2005 with school and life(and now marriage) taking precedence.

      I may be getting back to it soon and hopefully will get a chance to pick your brains again.

      Good luck with your current and future ventures.

      Until then Ciao.

    2. Gonzalo says:

      Such jerome , I wonder what kind of engines used for your robot chapo ??

    3. Jerome says:

      LOL! Did you name yourself Gonzalo because that is the real name of the drug lord “el-chapo”, if yes, you get my thumbs up! :) The motor I use if from pololu 19:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx52L mm Pololu item #: 1102
      Get those brackets too

      Good luck!

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