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The Voltitude bike

By , June 13, 2011 9:56 pm

I first saw this electric bike here.

What I love about this design is the way it folds up into this very small footprint. Have a look at the video:


It’s about 20kg (44pounds) and the max speed is 25kph (16mph).

voltitude folding bike electric

voltitude folding bike electric

voltitude folding bike electric

I like the very simple graphic interface.

voltitude folding bike electric
There website is here: and they have this neat video in french:
They say, they spend a lot of personal money on the project.  They have 800 pre-order and the Chinese are interested!

In the video they talk about the price and it should be between 4000 to 5000 Swiss Franc (CHF) so that is $4782 to $5980 US.

Ryno motors – self-balancing, one wheel, electric scooter

By , August 16, 2010 10:48 am

I was surfing the web and saw this neat balancing electric scooter. It is created by Ryno motors. Here are some videos:

rhino motors seld balancing scooter

Here are the specs of the prototype
Range Up to 30 miles
Max Speed 25 mph
Recharge Time LiFePo4 1 ½ hours
Tire Diameter 25”
Weight of Bike 125 lbs.
Footprint 16” x 34”
Max Hill Incline 30%
Max Rider Weight 250lbs
Turning Radius Zero to 3 ft.
Estimated Retail Cost $3,500

You can find more informations on there website

This looks like the Bombardier Embrio concept. The Embrio has smaller front wheel that acts like a stability control when the Embrio is stopped or traveling below 12mph.

bombardier embrio

bombardier embrio

Or the Canadian Benjamin Poss Gulak, with his one unicycle with two wheels.
ben gulak uno balacing one wheel scooter

ben gulak uno balacing one wheel scooter

Here is the new U2 version. It is a hybrid between a motorcycle and what you see there. I opens like scissors and unfolds into a motorcycle. (Not really like scissors, more of a  linear motion)

I just notice that Ben has a blog!

He his working on this neat track scooter call DTV.

Thanks to Hung Chang for is cool blog wackyboards where I learn about Ryno motors.

PS- It is RYNO motors and not Rhino like the url

3 wheels scooter design

By , April 11, 2010 12:02 am

I found this amazing render of 3 wheels scooter. When you go fast, you are sometime non stable on your scooter. I sort of know this with my crazy electric scooter. This concept of using 3 wheels and this steering makes it really attractive. It is call the Triton by Cikaric Dragan.

Scooter design

By , April 4, 2010 12:02 am

I was surfing some great design blog like Yankodesign and found this cool scooter concept by Daniel Dayag.

That looks completely insane! I then when googling and found those other great concepts of scooters. Design boom

“city bug” by omer menashri

“trekrider” by boaz zucker

“armadilo scooter” by ravit biton

I like that design because it folds really small. The hard part if you ever build something like that, would be having this latch system to unlock each segments.

“twister” by asaf koren

I like this system, you pivot the middle part to make a little chopper and sit down or ride it like a scooter upward. One of my design idea is a mix between gokart and scooter. I have some drawings I will share one day.

Maker faire 2009 push scooter

By , October 19, 2009 8:50 am

When I was at the Maker faire 2009, I saw this neat scooter modification. I was able to ride it. It was awesome, the front wheel make the entire ride smooth and very stable. The ride was amazing!

It is so great, that I took picture just in case I wanted to build one :) Then I realise that I could make one using the same electric motor I have :)

MAKER_FAIRE_2009_ 027

MAKER_FAIRE_2009_ 028

Back in Québec, I was able to find a razor push scooter for 1.50$ and a kid bike for 1$ at garage sell! The wheel on the kid bike is around 12 inch and I was planning to make it using a small wheel. I still want something portable if I enter a city bus or something like that.

I was also able to find a electric scooter for 18$.E100_electric_scooter_ 001

E100_electric_scooter_ 003

E100_electric_scooter_ 004

E100_electric_scooter_ 002

I bought that scooter for parts. I wanted the wheels, batteries and other stuff. The scooter was working. I was going around 10km/h ( 6mph). I little to slow.

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