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My last internship

By , August 15, 2011 9:00 pm

Can you guest where is my last internship?

Here is a clue.

Yes, that’s me doing the robot in the middle!

Btw, my last internship day is friday!! After that it’s scooter and robot sumo time! I also have an important final years engineering project that has to be done before class start at the end of this month. Well, the project ends in December but we did I work hard this summer. There is one last important thing to be done. No worries, I will have tons of info coming in a few months.

Going to HONG KONG for a internship!

By , August 31, 2010 8:51 pm

Some people are getting back to school this September, I am going to my fourth internship in Hong Kong!!

I will work for a toy company in the R&D departement aka toy designer. I will also be doing some SolidWorks which I practice during the last few weeks. I really like SW!

I leave September 1 to Dec 17.  It’s 4 months in a whole new world, a new universe. I will be posting pictures and videos of place I’ll go.

btw, I did no bring my scooter! Instead I’ll go to Hobbyking directly and build a other one! 😛

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