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Broken charger

By , May 23, 2011 8:00 am

I once bought this neat charger from Hobbyking. It can charge four 6S battery at the same time! It was working fine until one day, one of the LCD stop working. I then took a picture.

TQ4 hobbyking charger

I then send it back to Hobbyking to get a new one. Took a while until I had to send them a email go get feedback on this return. They explain that they tried it and it was working. Here is is 1 out of 3 pictures they took.

tq4 hobbyking charger

Ok fair. I have proof it does not works and they have proof it works. What happen next?

This mean that the charger has some intermittent problem. I tried to explain that to hobbyking customer service and they told me that I need to pay $23.59  for shipping to get it back or they can send it with my next order. I said no, your product is defective, send me a new one!

But check this out, I when in the reviews of the items and found this:

Thought I found the perfect charger.. Worked great for 2 days charging 4x 7 cell nimh packs at 5.3 amps each! Fan was quiet, temps were good, then port#1 failed for no apparant reason. Waiting on HK’s response. Hoping I can return to US warehouse.

First, within a day of receiving one of these chargers, one of the LCD readouts went bad (Port 4). I have confirmed that the problem is with the LCD unit and it needs to be replaced. Contacted HK to see if hey could send me a LCD module but they said no I would have to return the unit. By the time I get done with shipping both ways, this unit is no longer a good deal.

I also had problems with output 4. If I started charging the display shows error messages, unknown characters or nothing, and it stops immediately charging.

This charger works. It’s not the best balancer, but it works. I did have a temporary glitch with the 4th port display, which seems to have sorted itself out somehow.

I have had this charger for several months. It worked perfectly for quite a while, now charger port 4 does not function correctly.

You can clearly see that there is a problem. That problem is intermittent. I did mention those review but they said nothing back in return.

Who is going to win?

I just send one last email explaining all that in a very simple way… Let’s wait and see!

Charger and lithium battery

By , October 1, 2009 7:48 pm

I got my charger and my lithium battery from china. The charger is really high quality and very simple to use. It also balance each individual cell to make sure they will last longer and prevent damaging the entire pack.

scooter_parts_ 005

This is the review I left on site

I really love this charger. The concept of KISS ( Keep It Simple Stupid ) is 100% there with that product!

The build quality is very good, all aluminium. Charging is sort of very simple and stupid proof. It was a 5Amp car fuse on the back. It has rubber feet on the bottom. Some solid silkscreen/sticker on top. It is bullet proof!

When you plug a 3 cell into the charger, 3 RED led will glow and then after it is finish, it will turn to GREEN.

If there is a bad cell, the specific LED will flash from RED to GREEN.

You can charge battery using what they call “parallel” charging. So you charge your 3 cell with only 2 wire at 11.8V instead of 3 time 3.7V.
You need special plug to do that.

The fans does make noise. It is not that bad but it makes noise.

The only thing that I don’t like is the 12V car adapter. I don’t want to cut it and will need to make my own socket.

After charging my 4 cell battery. I had

my other battery was

I highly recommend this charger!

Have fun!

The battery had good reviews so I bought them and they where really cheap. These are 14.8V 5Amp battery.  When charge, they go up to 16V. I will put 2 in series to get around 33.5V fully charged.

scooter_parts_ 003

I had to solder some dean connectors on them since they came with 4mm gold bullet connector and I don’t use them in my scooter.

scooter_parts_ 002

The connectors on the left are the deans connectors. I even took the time to put red and black heatshrink.

Lithium battery coming my way

By , September 7, 2009 1:13 pm

I order some lithium battery for my scooter.

Minimum Capacity: 5000mAh
Configuration: 4S1P / 14.8v / 4Cell
Constant Discharge: 20C 20 x 5 = 100A constant discharge
Peak Discharge (10sec): 30C 30 x 5 = 150A burst
Pack Weight: 536g
Pack Size: 148 x 49 x 33mm
Charge Plug: JST-XH

Discharge plug: 4mm Bullet-connector

I got 2 of those battery, when charged a battery like this equals to 16V. In series I will get 32V. I plan to have 4 battery like this. No not 64V 😛 it will be 10Amps at 32V. I only bought 2 for the moment so I could test it out first.

Choosing the battery voltage was hard. I could of bought 18.5V, so once charge that would o around 20V, so this mean I would have 40V in serie and my motor can got up to 39.5V. This was sort of perfect. I could of seen the real maximum speed I can get with my scooter ( one of the major goal of this project ).

I choose 14,8V for a couple of reasons. First, all the cheap charger I found, would only charge 14,8V packs. Second, I could use those 14,8V pack in future project like a segway and 3kg sumo robots ( The motors I am looking for run on 14V ). Third, I would of needed to buy a separate cell balancer because my current charger does not have that. And also, if I decide to make a other scooter and get lower wattage motor, they all seem to run at around 30V and lower.

One day, I might and would love to try at 40V, the max rating of the motor. I hope I could get a sponsor for the battery, that would help.

I also got some cheap charger, the charger I got has built in balancer. Balancing the cell mean that each individual cell are check to be sure that they all have the proper voltage before been used. This prevent damaging the pack if one cell could be discharge to much, below the recommended voltage.

I also bought some wire extension for the balacing cable. I will be able to only get the cable out of the scooter to make easy charging. I bought 2 charger so I could charge both battery at the same time! I might have a charger on board of the scooter. The only drawback is that the charger works only on 12V, so I need a power adapter to get 12V. At home, that is not a problem since I use a old computer power supply. If I bring my scooter at school, I might need a adapter for the 12V on board.

Since the beginning, I am think about a version 2 of this scooter. The main modification would be using inflatable rubber wheels. Going 36km/h on 5inch plastic wheels is pretty cool but makes a lot of noise and breaks the wheels. In Québec, the roads are not pretty, so I need other kinds of wheels. I order from and I did receive my order. The wheels are cheap but the gearbox are pretty nice.

The gears you see are planetary gear box on your left  and a roller bearing on your right hat only spin in one direction. Like the pedals on your bike. They both match perfectly and I already have ideas how to use them. It is going to be really easy! Can’t wait to start that project.

I also added a Donation button, I have seen website that had those and said, why not? So if you love what I am doing and would love to help me buy more battery, please make a donation! :)

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