Fingernail Growth Rate

By , May 22, 2011 8:39 pm

Hey world!

It’s been a while! I just finish my semester and going my last intern in Québec. I will be working all summer long until September.

Here is my latest research on fingernail growth rate.

Fingernail Growth RateThis is serious experimentation! I was watching TV with my dad and they where talking about this woman who died in the woods and explained how long and where she been before she died by analyzing her hair.

An university in Ontario have developed this technique where they analyse hair to see what type mineral is found in it. They explained that she was a traveling along the west of Canada because certain mineral are found more in Alberta. (Something along those lines)

So anyway, my dad and I where wondering how long does the hair growth after death. Then we start talking about other stuff that still growth when you are dead, like fingernail. We then both made a marking on our thumbs with a razor blade and start forgetting about it… till one day (may 5th) I took a last picture.

There you go! 96 days!


So what about the electric scooter you ask? Well, I am waiting on my broken charger from hobbyking to ride it soon! I will explain tomorrow in my next post.


Arduino Fart-O-Meter

By , February 17, 2011 1:22 am

Hey, I am back from Hong Kong and here is my lastest project for instructables. I made that thing in less then 13 days!

Yes you read “arduino” and “fart” in the same sentence!

It’s already featured on:

This video will explain everything!


Here it is mounted on the chair directly. It is wireless!


This is the emitter on the chair. That is a barebone arduino.

far-o-meterAnd here is the receiver. The servo motor simply points to the fart intensity on the white sheet of paper.

nRF2401A Transceiver with Chip Antenna (Sparkfun sku: WRL-00152)

Those are nRF2401A Transceiver with Chip Antenna (Sparkfun sku: WRL-00152). Pretty small and easy to use with the Arduino. There is a library for those modules.

methane fart-o-meter MQ-4

I had a lot of fun playing with the MQ-4 methane sensor. The black thing around it is a protective sleeve that I ended up not using. Those suckers heat up and consume 175mA! There is a little heater inside. The moment gas is present, it evaporates and change the output voltages! Fun to use but hard to test… I always had a hard time to try to fart on that thing, I could not fart on command. It’s only when I disconnected the sensor and Arduino from my computer that I started farting like hell! I was piss because it takes up to a minute to heat up and be ready to use. (btw, you can use the butane from a lighter to test it. There is less joy)

The internet is down!

By , November 16, 2010 9:00 am

Hey, my website was down because I uploaded some plugins in wordpress and that corrupted some files! I immediately started crying alone in China.

But my good old friend Manuel Grégoire save the day by fixing everything like a pro! He also study EE with me at school  and he is a very good webmaster!

Thanks Manu!

Check his website  Agence Web Sherbrooke !

Halloween in Hong Kong

By , November 10, 2010 10:14 am


I was lucky enough to be in HK for Halloween! It was insane!

Why am I wearing this costume of “NO PICTURES”?  Here is a hint:

They are everywhere! They made me fell like a STAR!

Check out this awesome panoramic pictures taking with my Sony camera! It is photoshop to make it clear and nice (ok not really).

I have uploaded all those pictures on my flickr account. You can see the set here

I also made a instructables for fun on how I made my costume. You can vote for it too.

I explain everything about my story on how I got the idea.

I also meet those awesome yoyo player from Hong Kong!  Yeah, I use to play yoyo like a maniac back in the days. Here is a pictures with the gang. It’s because of them that I when to that crazy Halloween party (twice)!

If they look good, it’s because the guy who took the pictures is a good photograph!! :)

You can now post comments!

By , October 28, 2010 12:30 am

Hey, again my friend Louis stated that he could not post comments on my blog!! What?

I had that thought the past day since I never go any comments on my site since the beginning. Also I get some good traffic, so that was weird!

It was simply a little check box in wordpress saying “must log in to comments”, I never saw that message since I am always log in on my laptop!

Now it should work, try it now!

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