Got a helmet!

By , September 13, 2011 7:22 am

Today is my birthday and I got a super cool helmet from my girlfriend! She loves what I do but wants me to ride safe! 😛

helmet for head trauma

I don’t know if you guys recall hackaday post entitle “1480W scooter motor guarantees head trauma“?  There was a pretty intense debate on helmet use! 79 comments in total! Charles from MIT also had is word on the use of helmet. He also has more crazy rolling device but does not wear a helmet.

I was able to stick my GoPRO on it. I had my GoPRO for more then 1 year now. Very useful and great video quality.  I do have a lot of videos of the scooter but did not edit them. Working on it. I am right now working on something else… look at the picture and tell me what you see…

My last internship

By , August 15, 2011 9:00 pm

Can you guest where is my last internship?

Here is a clue.

Yes, that’s me doing the robot in the middle!

Btw, my last internship day is friday!! After that it’s scooter and robot sumo time! I also have an important final years engineering project that has to be done before class start at the end of this month. Well, the project ends in December but we did I work hard this summer. There is one last important thing to be done. No worries, I will have tons of info coming in a few months.

The Voltitude bike

By , June 13, 2011 9:56 pm

I first saw this electric bike here.

What I love about this design is the way it folds up into this very small footprint. Have a look at the video:


It’s about 20kg (44pounds) and the max speed is 25kph (16mph).

voltitude folding bike electric

voltitude folding bike electric

voltitude folding bike electric

I like the very simple graphic interface.

voltitude folding bike electric
There website is here: and they have this neat video in french:
They say, they spend a lot of personal money on the project.  They have 800 pre-order and the Chinese are interested!

In the video they talk about the price and it should be between 4000 to 5000 Swiss Franc (CHF) so that is $4782 to $5980 US.

Flying quadracopter PCB

By , June 1, 2011 6:42 pm

I am 100% you saw this in the news a couples of weeks ago.


I was blown away by the design until I read a comment that linked to this:



This is NC one V2

In my personal opinion, I think that the bolt holding the motor should be replace by something else. There is 4 of them, it’s heavy! When I worked in Hong Kong, on RC toys helicopters they use to remove every single grams of weight they could! 1 grams can change everything on very small craft like this one. I would of tried a press fit plastic adapter. The plastic adapter clips in the PCB and the motors is the press fit.

NC one V2 flying robot cnc cut out PCB

NC one V2 quadracopter flying robot PCB layout

Look at that sexy components layout! Very well done!

NC one v2 getting cut in CNCThey get a normal squared PCB and they cut with the CNC.


Here is NC one v1
NC one v1

nc one v1 in hand

Very small!

You can visit there website here : ( in German). They are working on V3! It should be ready this summer… June 2011.

Here is the link of the first quadracopter:

If you like flying things, check this other amazing German builder: (In German) He has been building quadracopter for years!

Smart Flyer III

If you know about other small quadracopter, please leave a comment!

Broken charger

By , May 23, 2011 8:00 am

I once bought this neat charger from Hobbyking. It can charge four 6S battery at the same time! It was working fine until one day, one of the LCD stop working. I then took a picture.

TQ4 hobbyking charger

I then send it back to Hobbyking to get a new one. Took a while until I had to send them a email go get feedback on this return. They explain that they tried it and it was working. Here is is 1 out of 3 pictures they took.

tq4 hobbyking charger

Ok fair. I have proof it does not works and they have proof it works. What happen next?

This mean that the charger has some intermittent problem. I tried to explain that to hobbyking customer service and they told me that I need to pay $23.59  for shipping to get it back or they can send it with my next order. I said no, your product is defective, send me a new one!

But check this out, I when in the reviews of the items and found this:

Thought I found the perfect charger.. Worked great for 2 days charging 4x 7 cell nimh packs at 5.3 amps each! Fan was quiet, temps were good, then port#1 failed for no apparant reason. Waiting on HK’s response. Hoping I can return to US warehouse.

First, within a day of receiving one of these chargers, one of the LCD readouts went bad (Port 4). I have confirmed that the problem is with the LCD unit and it needs to be replaced. Contacted HK to see if hey could send me a LCD module but they said no I would have to return the unit. By the time I get done with shipping both ways, this unit is no longer a good deal.

I also had problems with output 4. If I started charging the display shows error messages, unknown characters or nothing, and it stops immediately charging.

This charger works. It’s not the best balancer, but it works. I did have a temporary glitch with the 4th port display, which seems to have sorted itself out somehow.

I have had this charger for several months. It worked perfectly for quite a while, now charger port 4 does not function correctly.

You can clearly see that there is a problem. That problem is intermittent. I did mention those review but they said nothing back in return.

Who is going to win?

I just send one last email explaining all that in a very simple way… Let’s wait and see!

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