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The internet is down!

By , November 16, 2010 9:00 am

Hey, my website was down because I uploaded some plugins in wordpress and that corrupted some files! I immediately started crying alone in China.

But my good old friend Manuel Grégoire save the day by fixing everything like a pro! He also study EE with me at school  and he is a very good webmaster!

Thanks Manu!

Check his website  Agence Web Sherbrooke !

You can now post comments!

By , October 28, 2010 12:30 am

Hey, again my friend Louis stated that he could not post comments on my blog!! What?

I had that thought the past day since I never go any comments on my site since the beginning. Also I get some good traffic, so that was weird!

It was simply a little check box in wordpress saying “must log in to comments”, I never saw that message since I am always log in on my laptop!

Now it should work, try it now!

AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Button

By , August 19, 2010 7:50 pm

I just added the famous “share button” on every page. I guest it can be useful for easy sharing. When I installed the button, there is suppose to be a sort of drop down menu that pop out when you place your mouse over the button. It did not pop with Firefox, only with Chrome and IE. I tested again with a order Firefox and it worked. I realise that I have a firefox pluging call Adblock Plus (ABP) that stop that pop up!  Here is a print screen of the mouse over effect.

share this pop menu

If you have ABP installed ( look at the top right corner of your Firefox window, there is a red octagon with ABP in it) you simply need to tell the program that the share pop is ok to show. This is also in part of the spam list you selected with ABP.

I use the ABP subscriptions call “Fanboy’s List (English)

Why isn’t the drop-down menu appearing?

If you have ABP and can not see the above mouse over effect, here is how you active it:

Click the little arrow next to the red ABP logo. Then click “Open blockable items.” This will pop up a menu at the bottom of the page. You can also just click on the logo directly and the list will appear at the bottom of the page.

share this AdBlock Plus fix

You will see a link called “…“, you simply right click on it and click on “Disable filter…“. If you can not see, try to search “addtoany” and it might appear.

Reload the page “F5” and you will then see the share it pop menu appear.

Happy sharing!

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