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Japanese sumo robot!

By , July 24, 2015 6:00 pm

After our competition in Montréal, I was approach to see if I was interested in going to compete to the 2015 All International Robot Sumo Tournament!!!!!!

wait what? Building and going to Japan for a sumo competition! That is insane! Have you seen japanese sumo robot?


Have you seen the speed!! My robots are so slow! I need to re-think, re-design everything!

I need to design a completely new robot. Here are my initial concept. I only place components to have a better idea on the layout. I also added the weight to each of these components to know the weight. I have to be 3Kg maximum.





I bought my gears at  That does help a lot since that is the key part of the entire design. Founding gear is not easy task. Firat Dede is one of the owner and is super friendly. He is helping me out to make sure I have a killer japanese sumo robot. He has already participate at the Japanese competition. He won 4th place at the All International Robot Sumo Tournament.




This is the latest design. The wheel are far appart. The electronic will go at the back. This is still in exploration, has you can see, I have weird bug in my mirror part, one of the pillow block is touching the left wheel…



btw, I invited my friends from Montréal, Charles-Allix, PM and Denis! They are top 3 competitor here in Québec. Charles and PM have already made some prototype of their sumo! Yep!
Denis will help us with the Schematic/PCB design. We are working together and we should have 2 robots for December!


Got plenty of work to do, I will keep you guys updated!

2015 el-mayo sumo robot

By , July 21, 2015 9:04 pm

This year was Robowar 2015 and I won 2nd place with my new sumo robot. I don’t event have a real picture yet… Here are the CAD image.
Has you can see it does not have a front or a back! It can go forward or backward at any time! It makes it very competitive.








I did this because the rules of robowars has change! The robot is place anywhere in the arena! Plus the orientation of the robot was selected at random!! I could be in #3 pointing up while the opponent is in #6 pointing up! So the opponent simply goes in a straight line and beat me!

robowars_arenaAlso new rules gave more points if you stay in the ring after you push the opponents! 2 points!! if you fall with him, you only have 1 points! I did not have white line detection, so I was always falling out! That is why I am second place!




I do have plenty of video and did not have time to edit. Here is nice and short video of the event in general. (The dude in yellow is me) You can also see my robot kick some butt :)


The name of my new robot is el-mayo, the new drug lord after el-chapo. BTW, el-chapo was able to escape from max prison again this month. So he is on the loose!


Fingernail Growth Rate

By , May 22, 2011 8:39 pm

Hey world!

It’s been a while! I just finish my semester and going my last intern in Québec. I will be working all summer long until September.

Here is my latest research on fingernail growth rate.

Fingernail Growth RateThis is serious experimentation! I was watching TV with my dad and they where talking about this woman who died in the woods and explained how long and where she been before she died by analyzing her hair.

An university in Ontario have developed this technique where they analyse hair to see what type mineral is found in it. They explained that she was a traveling along the west of Canada because certain mineral are found more in Alberta. (Something along those lines)

So anyway, my dad and I where wondering how long does the hair growth after death. Then we start talking about other stuff that still growth when you are dead, like fingernail. We then both made a marking on our thumbs with a razor blade and start forgetting about it… till one day (may 5th) I took a last picture.

There you go! 96 days!


So what about the electric scooter you ask? Well, I am waiting on my broken charger from hobbyking to ride it soon! I will explain tomorrow in my next post.


Resistor bender business card

By , May 15, 2010 9:47 am

On one of my favorite blog, hackaday, they had a post about MakerFaire 2009 business card back in 2009 In the article it say “We’ve also heard rumors that [Jérôme Demers] has bunch of resistor bending cards.”

I can tell you that this is not a rumor, here is the proof!

It is time for me to present to you my business card. During my internship at I was fortunate to get and design my own business card for the MakerFaire 2009. I had some crazy ideas and took effort to get this one accepted! It was finally accepted by my boss.

jerome demers buisness card

jerome demers buisness card

The idea is to make this resistor bender so it can be useful to you when you assemble a kit. On one of  my semester project at University, we had this huge PCB that was a amplifier and we had to solder a bunch for 1/4W resistor. I then decided to make a little quick and dirty resistor bender out of alumiun to help me in assembling my PCB.  It turn out to be really usefull.

Here is the picture of alumium version.

resistor bender metal

Then the prototyping started using my printer. I started with normal business card and cut holes in it then I use CorelDRAW to make the final version.jerome demers buisness card

These one came from CorelDRAW and then printed on a normal printer. I used cardboard paper.

evolution of jerome demers buisness card

The plan of my original idea was to able to bend two type of resistor leg width.

jerome demers buisness prototype card

A other idea, was  when the card was finish, it could also rest like a mini name plate on your desk my desk.

jerome demers buisness card

jerome demers buisness card

At maker faire, I meet a lot of nice people and here is some cool business card I got.

instructable buisness cardThis one is a sticker!

Limor had those limited aluminium card. I got the last one :) I also got her Laser cut SPIROGRAPH cards!

Here are some tips if you ever get other people business card. The first one was a tip that I learned from Dave (my boss at Solarbotics) when we went to this really nice electronics expo.

  1. Take notes. When you are at a faire, you see a lot of people and get a lot of business card. So write down immediately on the back of the card what you where talking with that person. In my case, I had sponsorship proposal, website link, product samples, etc.  We once help a mechanical engineer from 3M and he gave us his buisness card and he told us “if you need anything from 3M, you tell me and I will make it happen.” So I wrote down the time and every detail about the problem/project we help him solved. We never know what will happen next! 3M is one huge company!

    Here is a example of stuff I wrote on a card after talking to Collin Cunningham we where talking about this website that provide a single place to uploads to major video sharing sites. I have no clue why I did not write that link on his buisness card…

  2. Make a backup. After MakerFaire, I had a lot of card. I then got this idea to make a backup and took pictures of all my business card just in case I lost them.
  3. Get in touch. After a few days, send some email to thanks people you meet and get the first inital contact. That will help in the futur when you will need there expertise.

I hope you enjoyed, if you want my card, please come and see me at the solarbotics booth at MakerFaire 2010! See you there!

ps- I will also have my new Beetle bot kit!!

jerome demers beetle robot kit

jerome demers beetle robot kit

New blog pages

By , February 19, 2010 2:25 pm
I added two pages, “Top post” and “My instructables

I am slowly adding my other projects. I have the layout done, it will look exactly like “My instructables” but with different projects.

For the “Top post” page, I wanted to have the most popular pages, but it does not seem to work. It gives me the lastest post… I tried using “Top Posts By Category ” by M&M but never got it to work. I then tried this other plugging “Latest Posts by Category Archive”Returns a list of your latest posts, organized by category. … humm let me read that again… I now know why it gives me the lastest post! What a failure! I will then try to get the “Top Posts By Category” working!

I am posting with w.bloggar. I can see html code when I am writting, I guest this is not a WYSIWYG editor “what you see is what you get”. I figure out how to import images… but there is no fancy editing except the html that I see here. That could be annoying when you have more then one images with different width and height.

btw, Rudy has already started the schematic of the motor controller, almost done. I might get the dev board soon! :)

I am also trying to get a livescribe pen, I really want one!

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