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My new 2014 3kg sumo robot: EL-Chapo

By , May 18, 2014 6:21 pm

Some of you know that I really love building robot. I learn alot with sumo robot. I have been building 500 gram and 3Kg sumo robot in the pass and learn many things regarding electronics, software and mechanic.

For those who aren’t familiar with sumo robots, those robot are autonomous and find the oponnent to push him out of a ring. The ring is black and has this white boarder. The robot can detect the white border and know that it should back away or else it falls out.

3kg sumo competition

This is my very first sumo robot. That was in 2006. Has you can see, lipo battery where rare. :) My motors and electronics (PIC microcontroller) where on the same power source. During a head to head match, the robot reset due to votlage drop on the 5V! The PIC reset and went into a “wait for press of push button” mode. I learn that you need two separate power supply, one for the electronics and one for the motors. These days, I have a better power supply so I use a single battery.

mon_robotsumo_maison_neuve_1er_avril_2006_ 005

mon_robotsumo_maison_neuve_1er_avril_2006_ 003

The winner of the competition told his secret. They told us that the secret is “battery – motor“, simple has that. I then when and made a new robot call Rhino for the 2007 competition. It use a 12$ cordless drill motors.

rhino 3kg sumo robot rhino 3kg sumo robot

3kg sumo robot rhino

New wheels because the old blue tear up 1 day before the competition.

The last competition I attended was in 2007. We are in 2014, there is a lot of things that change in  7 years. Exceptionally my skills! I have learn to use Solidworks and when throught University.

Febuary 28, 2014 I get a email of a competitor back in 2007 informing me that there is a sumo competition in 1 month, march 1st. I thought if I could make a complet sumo robot in 4 weeks. I said yes. I did everything in Solidworks first. The first 2 weeks has design iteration, ideas, etc. I knew that I was going to use a 3D printer to print the chassis, so that help a lot for the design. The next 2 weeks was fabrication.  Lucky me, we have a nice workshop at work. I present to you El-Chapo!

3Kg sumo robot El-Chapo

I was reading the news and saw this drug lord get caught by police at the end of febuary. I said that is a cool name!

I won first place! I did not even have white line detection.  Here are the highlight of my robot

Here is the complet 75 match

Flying quadracopter PCB

By , June 1, 2011 6:42 pm

I am 100% you saw this in the news a couples of weeks ago.


I was blown away by the design until I read a comment that linked to this:



This is NC one V2

In my personal opinion, I think that the bolt holding the motor should be replace by something else. There is 4 of them, it’s heavy! When I worked in Hong Kong, on RC toys helicopters they use to remove every single grams of weight they could! 1 grams can change everything on very small craft like this one. I would of tried a press fit plastic adapter. The plastic adapter clips in the PCB and the motors is the press fit.

NC one V2 flying robot cnc cut out PCB

NC one V2 quadracopter flying robot PCB layout

Look at that sexy components layout! Very well done!

NC one v2 getting cut in CNCThey get a normal squared PCB and they cut with the CNC.


Here is NC one v1
NC one v1

nc one v1 in hand

Very small!

You can visit there website here : ( in German). They are working on V3! It should be ready this summer… June 2011.

Here is the link of the first quadracopter:

If you like flying things, check this other amazing German builder: (In German) He has been building quadracopter for years!

Smart Flyer III

If you know about other small quadracopter, please leave a comment!

Battle symet

By , February 15, 2010 2:54 pm

Here is a other robot I made for Solarbotics instructables.  The principal is base on the “symet” robot. Symet stand for symetrical/symmetric robot. You have a single motor where the shaft rest on the ground. It moves in different directions depending of the point of contact around the shaft and the ground. In my case I use 3 wheels and one of them is motorized. When the motor is powered, the entire robot spins in circles while moving foward.

If you want to build your own, please visit :

Here is the embeded instructables. Have fun!

Solar Powered Battle Symet – BEAM StyleMore DIY How To Projects

The “wanna be miniball” robot

By , November 16, 2009 5:44 pm

Check out my project I made for Solarbotics. It is a rolling robot inside a plastic ball.

If you want to build your own wanna be miniball, please visit :

wanna_be_miniball_ 111

This is the first time trying to embed a instructables!

Solar Powered Miniball WannabeMore DIY How To Projects

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