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Got a helmet!

By , September 13, 2011 7:22 am

Today is my birthday and I got a super cool helmet from my girlfriend! She loves what I do but wants me to ride safe! 😛

helmet for head trauma

I don’t know if you guys recall hackaday post entitle “1480W scooter motor guarantees head trauma“?  There was a pretty intense debate on helmet use! 79 comments in total! Charles from MIT also had is word on the use of helmet. He also has more crazy rolling device but does not wear a helmet.

I was able to stick my GoPRO on it. I had my GoPRO for more then 1 year now. Very useful and great video quality.  I do have a lot of videos of the scooter but did not edit them. Working on it. I am right now working on something else… look at the picture and tell me what you see…

The Voltitude bike

By , June 13, 2011 9:56 pm

I first saw this electric bike here.

What I love about this design is the way it folds up into this very small footprint. Have a look at the video:


It’s about 20kg (44pounds) and the max speed is 25kph (16mph).

voltitude folding bike electric

voltitude folding bike electric

voltitude folding bike electric

I like the very simple graphic interface.

voltitude folding bike electric
There website is here: and they have this neat video in french:
They say, they spend a lot of personal money on the project.  They have 800 pre-order and the Chinese are interested!

In the video they talk about the price and it should be between 4000 to 5000 Swiss Franc (CHF) so that is $4782 to $5980 US.

Broken charger

By , May 23, 2011 8:00 am

I once bought this neat charger from Hobbyking. It can charge four 6S battery at the same time! It was working fine until one day, one of the LCD stop working. I then took a picture.

TQ4 hobbyking charger

I then send it back to Hobbyking to get a new one. Took a while until I had to send them a email go get feedback on this return. They explain that they tried it and it was working. Here is is 1 out of 3 pictures they took.

tq4 hobbyking charger

Ok fair. I have proof it does not works and they have proof it works. What happen next?

This mean that the charger has some intermittent problem. I tried to explain that to hobbyking customer service and they told me that I need to pay $23.59  for shipping to get it back or they can send it with my next order. I said no, your product is defective, send me a new one!

But check this out, I when in the reviews of the items and found this:

Thought I found the perfect charger.. Worked great for 2 days charging 4x 7 cell nimh packs at 5.3 amps each! Fan was quiet, temps were good, then port#1 failed for no apparant reason. Waiting on HK’s response. Hoping I can return to US warehouse.

First, within a day of receiving one of these chargers, one of the LCD readouts went bad (Port 4). I have confirmed that the problem is with the LCD unit and it needs to be replaced. Contacted HK to see if hey could send me a LCD module but they said no I would have to return the unit. By the time I get done with shipping both ways, this unit is no longer a good deal.

I also had problems with output 4. If I started charging the display shows error messages, unknown characters or nothing, and it stops immediately charging.

This charger works. It’s not the best balancer, but it works. I did have a temporary glitch with the 4th port display, which seems to have sorted itself out somehow.

I have had this charger for several months. It worked perfectly for quite a while, now charger port 4 does not function correctly.

You can clearly see that there is a problem. That problem is intermittent. I did mention those review but they said nothing back in return.

Who is going to win?

I just send one last email explaining all that in a very simple way… Let’s wait and see!

Belt tensioner

By , October 26, 2010 10:08 am

I made a belt tensioner because I though it could solve problems.  In my internship, I do a lot of Solidworks so I decided to pratice before going to HK.

It’s also much more fun doing my own parts then doing tutorials.

belt tensioner Solidworksbelt tensioner real life

Oh I love Solidworks! I can’t believe I have been using Google Sketchup all that time, what a shame! All my friends where saying, try it, it’s easy! Yes it is easy!

I’ve use Charles technique to parallel a part on the mill. You place a perfectly rounded bar in the T slot of your table. Then take you part and touch that bar. It will be parallel with the table. (You like what I use for circular rod? yeah I know!)

Look at the bearing placement. The best way is the bottom picture. It is impossible for the aluminium bracket to pop out of the assembly since the lip of the bearing is holding everything. On the first picture, vibration could will make the bracket come out.

I bought that spring saying “Thats the ONE!”. I then brought it home and my dad start laughing at my spring saying it’s scrap. I didn’t believe him… Ok DAD your RIGHT, it’s a piece of crap, it’s loose and way to flimsy! I need to find a better one, aka Stiffer. I need to figure a way where I could screw to adjust the tension on the spring. Something that pulls on one end.

Since I wrote this post in august and took me time to post it, I was able to show this to a guy at work and he told me that it should not even be a spring. It should be adjustable rigid link. When I roll with my scooter, you can see the thing vibrate and follow every movement of the belt.

The thing is, I thought that having a belt tensioner would get tension on the belt without consuming more current. I can use the bolts that connects to the shaft to tight the belt and that will  be very stiff . This also makes the motor consume so much more current then having a little loose on the belt corrected by a belt tensioner. I still have time to think about it.

<EDIT> After posting on facebook, my friend Louis Moreau said the same comment on the static pressure and not using a spring. Here is his drawing!

Thanks Louis!

Got my Nano-tech batteries

By , August 18, 2010 4:51 pm

So I got my batteries and my charger. It took 6 days. I still paid $57 of shipping!!! ( I was a heavy package, around 4kg (8.8lbs) )  That charger is huge. I can charge four 22.2V(6S) battery at once! That is really nice! My 250W can give 13A at 12V. I will measure with my multimeter see if the charger can deliver that much. I have to be careful because the fuse of my Fluke is 10A!

turnigy charger and batteries

I just tested the scooter with one battery and I am more then happy with the speed! I hit 30km/h (18-19Mph) which is perfect!

I have a nice video and great data. I am writing a post about it.

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