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My name is Jérôme  and I’m studying electrical engineering at the University of Sherbrooke Québec, Canada. I will blog about my robotics and electric projects. I started this blog to post about my cool modification of my electric scooter with a high power brushless motor.

My passion is robotics and electronics.

Misc_SB_Calgary_2009_ 009Internship at Solarbotics in R&D.

On the internet, my nickname is Robomaniac and you can see my work on instructables

I am the creator of the beetle robot and you see my article  in the MAKE magazine here:

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  1. Rikard says:

    Hello Jérôme

    Found your page while doing research on practically the same idea, converting a kick bike to an electric one, using high power electronics used for R/C models.
    I am interested in what ESC you are using, is it for R/C use? Have you had any cooling problems with the ESC?
    What is your gearing, from engine to ground?
    Ps. I am also studying electrical engineering, at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. Ds.

  2. Hey Jerome,

    Check out the F3 Fighter Electric Bike I have been working on.


  3. Andy Leigh says:

    Hi Jerome,

    came across your blog whilst looking into planetary gear systems. Interestingly my reasons are not far off your own for using them. Recently i have been trying to build up the mother of all electric bikes. I already have one hard tail MTB kitted out with a 1000w rear hub motor. I plan to strip this down and use a scott ransom frame with large coil shock for my mark2 electric bike. progress is good but my big concern at the moment with my first ebike is that the highest gear on the bike doesnt spin fast enough to contribute to extend range and top speed. I have good power in my legs and honestly it can be put to good use cause the ratios are sufficient. secondly the rear cog is a screw on freewheel so the smallest teeth on that i can do is a 12 and that is old technology which is hard to get hold of. I saw the planetary gear picture on your blog and i was very pleased. There is a company called schlumf in switzerland that make what i want but they want 689 swiss francs to up the gear ratio by 2.5x. So my questions are these: where can you buy them and for how much.

    thanks in advance for your reading this long winded speal let me know what you think
    kind regards
    Andy Leigh

  4. Ryan Gibson says:

    Hi Jerome,

    Any specific email i can catch you on? I have a few questions.



  5. Josée Deschesnes says:

    Bonjour M. Jérôme,

    WOW félicitations !! Vos projets sont vraiment cool. Je suis arrivée complètement par hasard sur votre site. Je cherche depuis quelques mois des idées de projets a faire avec mes élèves. Pour faire une histoire longue courte : je suis une ingénieure qui a pris la décision d’enseigner ! ( je fais présentement une maitrise à U de Sherbrooke !)Je donne un nouveau cours de techno plus en secondaire 5. Je cherche des projets a faire avec ma classe (presqu’uniquement de gars !!!)J’ai la chance d’enseigner dans un collège privé alors j’ai quand meme un budjet pour des projets. Depuis juillet que je cherche des projets. Assez difficile : ils sont bons mais, pas trop cher et surtout pas trop long non plus ! Entouca si vous avez des idées ??? ou suggestion de sites ??? Nous avons un chapitre génie chimique, un génie mécanique et un génie électrique !

    Bravo et lache pas ta passion !


    Josée Deschesnes

  6. kai lun says:

    Hello Jim,
    I have come to Taiwan,
    I too appreciate you enthusiasm for electric skateboard,
    I recently wanted to do four electric skateboard,
    Brushless TURNIGY issue cards only 800W,
    I can not improve its speed,
    Currently only the beta version of Internet 32KM / H,
    I want to change to 50KM / H,
    I installed two 800W speed or not 50KM / H,
    I was still not enough amperage to the low voltage,
    I hope you can recommend to me a few powerful brushless reference
    Thank you for sharing expertise.

  7. Daniel says:

    Hi Jerome..
    I was inspired by your electric scooter conversion and built a similar toy.
    Just wanted to say keep up the good work. And here is my first of many toys to come.


    Best regards

  8. Bonjour,

    Nous fabriquons votre “BeetleBot” dans plusieurs de nos écoles secondaires pour étudier la polarité avec des élèves (cours de science et technologie). Nous aimerions présenter ce projet au 47e congrès annuel de l’APSQ (http://www.apsq.org/cgi-bin/index.cgi?page=c0_0&langue=fra).

    Est-ce que cela pose un problème pour vous?

  9. Bonjour Jean-François,

    Je viens de vous envoyer un email!



  10. thomas lewis says:

    Saw a reference to you in one of the instruct-able builds,what a great site,so well put together.I’m 60 going on 18,I have three beautiful daughters and live in Florida right now.I became disabled a few years ago,and now i’m finding it difficult to get around.I’m inspired to try to put together a nice mobility scooter based on the 2 wheel versions, a 3 or converting a manual wheelchair.The prices they want,maybe justifiable,but few could ever afford them,and most insurance in American,only affords you a bulky manual chair or heavy electric tank.Their is a product out now[not in production] I wanted you to look at,believe it or not it’s a friction drive[oh no!!!] but please do look at it and tell me want you think,could a better belt drive RC type motor version work better,it does pop wheelies,he he.Its called the Zinger,its attaches to a light weight manual wheel chair,making it a true hot rod.I thought about making a two lever push propulsion,using a one way clutch[BMX bike]or a ratchet which is much more efficient [40%] attached to the wheels, verse’s pushing on the rim[stone-age,poor little kids can’t go ten feet] as a way to stay in shape,along with a electric drive,that could,go pretty fast when cracked up.But again ,love the site,Thanks Tom here a utube on the device http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MtzU4ZAd_o

  11. Jack says:

    Hi Jerome,

    I was wondering if the fart detector project could detect a fart 2 feet away? Is there a max distance for an average fart?

    Thanks for your project!


  12. Jerome says:

    Hi Jack,

    I don’t think you can detect a fart at 2 feet. I think the sensor values would fluctuate a lot. That would need to be some serious gas!! I don’t think there is a max distance for the average fart. The sensor is cheap, you could do some test. Sort of weird and challenging to fart at will.

    good luck!

  13. Rick says:

    I’m interested in using one of your projects for a book I’m writing or Maker Media. Please send me a private email.



  14. Algen says:


    I can’t find any contact info in the site so forgive me for using the comment section. I’m Algen, I work with engineering website EEWeb and would love to have your website featured as a site of the day on EEWeb. Is this of interest to you?

    Hope to hear from you soon.



  15. PK says:

    Hi Jerome,

    My name is PK. I am working for product design consultancy in LA and we are working on a project that will need similar application as your Fart O Meter. Please let me know what would be the best way to contact you.


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