Electric skateboard?

By , September 18, 2011 9:42 pm

Like you probably know, I was doing a intern this summer. My good friend Rudy, did a intern at this place where they play with electric vehicle and other cool stuff.  Toward the end of his intern he told me that the company was moving so there where throwing stuff out. He send me pictures of what they where getting rid of! After seen the picture I had a OMG face! He told me that he will give me those things if I would trade something. That something is a video of school projet he did back in 2009. He build a musical Tesla coil and we had 4 feet long fluorescent lamp on the desk, connected to nothing, that was lighting up. So yes we did trade and I got what I wanted!

Here it is:

electric skate board

Yes I also got this ZAP electric belt driven scooter. It has inflatable wheels.

electric skateboardIt looks like an Altered electric skate board http://www.alteredelectricskateboards.com/boards.htm. A cheaper version.

electric skateboard

electric skateboard motor system

electric skateboard motor system close up size comparaisonIt’s probably a 200 to 300W motor. Or it could be 600W, I am pretty sure it’s 600W.  Here is the china version of it 

electric skateboard motor size comparaison

Like you probably imagine, I already started to make it apart.

It is in a very good shape. The problem is, the remote control. It use a wireless remote control! I don’t have it and Rudy was not able to find it.  No a problem right. I did try some reverse engineering to see if I could directly send signal to the motor controller. Not really. The controller does not receive a simple analog signal. I took the controller apart and saw a microcontroller under the thick black epoxy. I guest it receive serial data from the RF receiver. OR it’s simply broken!
My first idea is to design and build my own electronics using a Wii remote control! It’s a DC motor, should not be that hard!

After some searching, there is a couple of skateboard company

http://www.elektroskate.co.uk/ (My antivirus tells me not to go there)

3 Responses to “Electric skateboard?”

  1. Jerome says:

    WOW! This is great. I like to put it on my scooter wheels and try if it works like those motorcycles.

  2. doug says:

    One of the best constructed boards available internationally is Fiik, available from http://www.electricskateboards.com.au wicked videos of Joel Parkinson carving them up as well.

  3. Nate says:

    I gotta give it to you for making an effort, man. Is the skateboard as good on the road as it looks?

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