Arduino Fart-O-Meter

By , February 17, 2011 1:22 am

Hey, I am back from Hong Kong and here is my lastest project for instructables. I made that thing in less then 13 days!

Yes you read “arduino” and “fart” in the same sentence!

It’s already featured on:

This video will explain everything!


Here it is mounted on the chair directly. It is wireless!


This is the emitter on the chair. That is a barebone arduino.

far-o-meterAnd here is the receiver. The servo motor simply points to the fart intensity on the white sheet of paper.

nRF2401A Transceiver with Chip Antenna (Sparkfun sku: WRL-00152)

Those are nRF2401A Transceiver with Chip Antenna (Sparkfun sku: WRL-00152). Pretty small and easy to use with the Arduino. There is a library for those modules.

methane fart-o-meter MQ-4

I had a lot of fun playing with the MQ-4 methane sensor. The black thing around it is a protective sleeve that I ended up not using. Those suckers heat up and consume 175mA! There is a little heater inside. The moment gas is present, it evaporates and change the output voltages! Fun to use but hard to test… I always had a hard time to try to fart on that thing, I could not fart on command. It’s only when I disconnected the sensor and Arduino from my computer that I started farting like hell! I was piss because it takes up to a minute to heat up and be ready to use. (btw, you can use the butane from a lighter to test it. There is less joy)

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