Halloween in Hong Kong

By , November 10, 2010 10:14 am


I was lucky enough to be in HK for Halloween! It was insane!

Why am I wearing this costume of “NO PICTURES”?  Here is a hint:

They are everywhere! They made me fell like a STAR!

Check out this awesome panoramic pictures taking with my Sony camera! It is photoshop to make it clear and nice (ok not really).

I have uploaded all those pictures on my flickr account. You can see the set here http://bit.ly/brtmqC

I also made a instructables for fun on how I made my costume. You can vote for it too.

I explain everything about my story on how I got the idea.

I also meet those awesome yoyo player from Hong Kong!  Yeah, I use to play yoyo like a maniac back in the days. Here is a pictures with the gang. It’s because of them that I when to that crazy Halloween party (twice)!

If they look good, it’s because the guy who took the pictures is a good photograph!! :)

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  1. Massi . P eng says:

    Hi Robot-man , hope you’re enjoying your coop term! as I see, you’re white gay in a bunch of rice! lolo see you soon!
    You resistor option is so hard to understand. Now I understand the meaning of the colors on the resistors!

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