Humidity is a bitch!

By , September 20, 2010 5:48 am

Hello everyone! That one wheel motorcycle got pretty viral! Youtube video got 300 000 views in less then a month!

hong kong chicken feet

Want some chicken feet?

It has now been 2 weeks in HK! Holy smoke man, the first thing that  slap me in the face  was humidity! The temperature around here is more then 30° C (88F) . Temperature is not a problem, the humidity in HK is so fucking killing! It’s more then 85% to 95% of humidity!!!! I sweat all the time, my tshirt are soaking yet just walking to work. Just walking 200 meters get me more sweat then biking 10 km back in Québec. Sheesh! I have AC in my appartement room. It is ON 24/7! Has I write this, the humidity got a little bit better.

Oh yeah, were I live, it is really small!!! The size of a bathroom in North America… ok ok a big bathroom. I’ll post a video!

To get to my work, I walk 8 minutes, then take the MTR (Metro) for 15 min, then walk a other 5 minutes. I walk really fast, Chinese people don’t walk fast!! There freaking slow! The don’t walk straight either. They are everywhere and walk in your path every time.  They don’t watch where they are walking, because they look at there iPhone4!!

Everything is pretty small here. Bulk stuff does not exist. I mean Oreo cookies don’t event come in “normal” package like I am use to, they come in packs of three and take like shit. They also have different thickness cream. But like 3 kind of cream thickness, I was confuse and could not understand so I got the “original”, yeah right.

OH I forgot the most cool thing ever, on the very first day in Hong Kong, I had supper with Mark Tilden!!!!! YEP the creator of BEAM robotics, in person! I was with Andrew Miller, (yes the guy who invented the Miller Solarengine), Sean Frawley ( Inventor of the WowWee FlyTech Dragonfly) and Mark Tilden. They where all at WowWee. It was great! I will be seen Mark again in October.  Also Mr. Tilden told me no to trust your friend/co-worker when they tell you to eat “duck tongue”! LOL! I laugh… but it’s true, 1 week later we told me “hey Jerome, wanna taste Duck tongue?”! There is suppose to be a bone in the tongue!!!

I am sure I am missing many things I wanted to say. I also notice that I am tired all the time. I get to bed early. Jet lag was intense and I think it has wear off.

I have so many pictures, that chicken leg picture is nothing compare to the stuff I have taken! HAHAHA! I am having a blast here. It’s really a other universe! Everything is different. After a few day we show me this great place to buy food, it is call “Taste” and it very nice grocery with a lot of western stuff. Also the money currency is not easy when you start. Every seem expensive because 100$ HK is 13$ so I made a little spreadsheet in my wallet to calculate price.

Lesson learned:

  1. Oreo taste shit
  2. Buy food in smaller package to test out before buying in bulk like I did with Oreo and still have 9 packs left!!
  3. Walk on the street instead of sidewalk to avoid Chinese traffic. You go way faster.
  4. Avoid drops of water falling from building while walking on sidewalk. You don’t want that water in your eye or else you will have a eye rash for a day! Trust me, been there done that!
  5. When crossing the road, check the opposite side that your use to look in America.  Since the steering wheel is on the right side, the car are also traveling on the left side of the road. Or simply read what writing on the road!

hong kong look right on road

  1. If you ever see a mother fucker like this, ignore them!

hong kong scammerLook at is smile on his face!

They are scammer, they want to steal your money. He start saying that you are going to be lucky man, you have this particular sign of this shit and that shit and you have to do this and that. He start writing stuff on a piece of paper and doing a really crappy magic trick. Then at the end he say but some money in here by pointing his wallet. I might try to get it on video. Also they are there like every week. Same spot, I see 3 of them wearing the same thing. One across the street and 2 on the same road. There are SO MANY of those people trying to sell shit to you! Watchs, shoes, dress, etc. Crazy!

I heard from a guy at work, when he was in main land China, there some kids that will grab your legs and won’t let go until you give money! The secret is to say “I’ll call the Police” in mandarin. It is 我要叫警察了 or “wǒ yào jiào jǐngchá le”. I am planning to go to China for work in the next few weeks.

Many more things to come, ever heard of Sham Shui Po?

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