Inside a ebike hub motor

By , July 23, 2010 6:00 am

When I was in Calgary doing my intern at Solarbotics, I when to this store called Power in Motion that specialize in urban electric transportation.  They had this neat demo wheel of the inside of a hub motor.

electric hub motor

electric hub motor

Here are the hall effect sensor. There is 3 sensors.

electric hub motor hall sensor

Here you can see the slot inside the shaft where the wires can travel.

48V lithium battery

There was also this neat battery. 48V 10.5Ah lithium battery. It weight 3.4Kg (7.5Lbs)

48V lithium battery

48V lithium battery spec

48V lithium battery

That could fit in my scooter. The only draw back of those specific battery is the continuous current discharge. It is very low. I think it is 2C so 20Ah… the motor consume about 4Ah with no load and I get surge current of 70Ah.

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  1. Ron N says:

    What you need is some super-capacitors to provide the surge current. The CSIRO of Australia is currently working on super-capacitors that will provide the surge current levels needed for electric vehicle acceleration.
    Once rolling, power draw required is actually very little.
    It’s only when you need to accelerate away from a stop, or overtake, that is where the major surge current is required. Regards – Ron.

  2. Khalid Parvez says:

    Hi Everybody, I have a question. What are those three transistor type devices embedded in the hub of stator and what is the function of these transistor like devices. Perhaps my E-bike have some defect in these three transistor type components. If somebody can help me please to explain their function and how to check them. Thanks and regards.

  3. Jerome says:

    Those transistors could be MOSFET. Take it apart and google the part number of your “transistor”. Then go on and search for that part and you can buy them. With the part number, you will know what it is and what they do.

  4. Khalid Parvez says:

    Dear Jerome. Thank you very much for your very informative reply. It seems that only one of them is faulty as I checked by an AVO meter. Thare are three transistors(FET or something else), each having three terminals. All the left side terminals are connected together, all the central terminals are connected together and each terminal on right side is independently coming out, So there are 2+3=5 wires coming out. The number on the devices is AH-61. I will check on Thanks and regards.

  5. Jerome says:

    OH I know what it is, it’s a hall effect sensors! DAH! 😛 lol
    those are place precisely to help the motor synchronisation. Search “AH61 hall sensor”

    digikey does not have that component. It’s easy to find other part that will do the same job.

  6. Dear Jerome,

    I am sorry for replying after a very long time. You really helped me long ago and my bike was ok. Some Chines company sent me 20 Hall Sensors free of cost in a postal envelope. Fixing these tiny devices is very delicate but now I am master of doing it. Thanks once again. Khalid Parvez, Lahore, Pakistan.

  7. Jerome says:

    Hi Khalid,

    Thats good news! Happy riding in 2016!

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