Inside a ebike hub motor

By , July 23, 2010 6:00 am

When I was in Calgary doing my intern at Solarbotics, I when to this store called Power in Motion that specialize in urban electric transportation.  They had this neat demo wheel of the inside of a hub motor.

electric hub motor

electric hub motor

Here are the hall effect sensor. There is 3 sensors.

electric hub motor hall sensor

Here you can see the slot inside the shaft where the wires can travel.

48V lithium battery

There was also this neat battery. 48V 10.5Ah lithium battery. It weight 3.4Kg (7.5Lbs)

48V lithium battery

48V lithium battery spec

48V lithium battery

That could fit in my scooter. The only draw back of those specific battery is the continuous current discharge. It is very low. I think it is 2C so 20Ah… the motor consume about 4Ah with no load and I get surge current of 70Ah.

The new frame of scooter V2

By , July 16, 2010 6:00 am

Hello everyone,

Here is the work on the new revision of the original scooter. The original scooter is very small in length (29 inch). To select the new size of the new scooter, it was really easy. I just place my feet on the ground at a distance that I felt good and stable. Like on a snowboard.  So I added around 11 inch for a total of 40 inch (wheel to wheel).

Here is how I did.

electric scooter frame

This is the frame I found at St-Eustache flea market, one of the biggest in Québec.  I paid 10$ for it. Just the frame no motor, no battery. They are in very good condition and normally, when found online, they cost 18$ for the front wheel and 20$ for the back one. So 10$ was a good deal.

I have to go again to that flea market this summer! I will bring my dad, he loves flee market just like me!

electric scooter frame

Saw the entire frame in 2.

scooter back wheel support

I also made 2 of  those plate you see in the picture so I can give tension on the belt with the left end screw. When I turn the bolt, the washer (big circle)  is move to the left, it pulls the axle of the back wheel.

drilling hole in scooter frame

To have a longer frame, I will use aluminium  L bracket. To mount them to my scooter, I drilled hole in the frame.

scooter frame side bar

Here I cut the L bracket.

I also added other metal bracket to hold all the electronics in the middle of the frame.

side comparison scooter V1 and V2

Here is the progress. It feels stables when I get on it.

side comparison scooter V1 and V2

The new 11 inch makes a huge difference!

New motor modification

By , July 11, 2010 10:33 pm

If you remember this post about the new motor I got? After installation I had some minor problem with it.

new motor problems

After I installed the motor, I saw this. Look closely, the outher shell (black) is touching the gold piece. There is suppose to be a gap between them.

I machined this like spacer.

motor spacer


Without the spacer.

With the spacer. See the difference?

Gas moutain bike

By , July 3, 2010 11:38 am

When I went for my AH1N1 vaccination back in 2009 I saw this bike in the middle of the mall. This man was offering his service to modify normal bike in crazy looking sounding moped.

gas moutain bike

gas moutain bike

Chain tensioner

gas moutain bike

I wonder the time it takes to get that sprocket spinning perfectly straight.

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