Motor bracket for Turnigy brushless motor

By , May 6, 2010 8:18 pm

A few days ago, I worked on the motor bracket. I also decided to make it bigger. I made is bigger because on the original bracket, I had one of the motor screws that was under a spacer. I had to remove the spacer to remove the screw. Since it is bigger, I have not problem now.

First I had to draw everything on the computer, I printed it to be sure I had the perfect fit. This is the new scooter. Since my bracket is bigger I had to drill new holes in the frame. I took the piece of paper on glued on the frame.

I wanted to be aligned so I turn on my LED flash light.

Here are the new holes.

I did the same thing here, I glued down the drawing and punch out the holes.

Those are the bottom and top of the bracket.

The only concern I have is that I am wondering if I am loosing the natual air flow of the motor by putting the motor bracket right in front of the motor vent holes. I was thinking of drilling holes but need to be sure I will not make my new bracket fragile on the edge.

On the right side of the spacer you can see washers, there are 3 washers, they help me to adjust the depth of the motor so I can aligned the belt.

I am thinking of adding this fan to cool down the motor. I bought this 7 blades turbine fan on hobbyking. It is a little bit big put should do the job. I will need to machine a bracket to hold it to the motor.

I might try other solution like a 5V PC fan.

Today I tested the motor and it works! I test the 30$ motor and at high speed, it was making this very high pitch sound. I will probably need to adjust timing and frequency directly on the brushless controller.

I am concerned about the heat generated by the motor while free running. It was running at full speed with no load for a 2 minutes and it get warm. So a fan will be needed to ensure the magnet health.

Steps before first run

  • Add belt tensionner
  • Enlarge frame
  • Wooden deck
  • Throttle wiring
  • Attach fan to motor

3 Responses to “Motor bracket for Turnigy brushless motor”

  1. noam says:


    I am big fan of your work :)
    Can you send me the drawing?
    I am building the same e-scooter as you



  2. Tomek says:

    Hey Jerome (ah, international keyboard not working right now), I was wondering if you had any updates on how the fan is working. I was considering something similar. I was deciding between this, and wiring up several PC fans in my scooter motor area to make sure air is at least moving (though the PC fans I suppose are going to be substantially weaker)

    [I also dont know if you check comments, but hey, thought I’d ask].

    Sweet captcha system by the way.

  3. Hey Tomek,

    No I did not try the fan since I did not get problem with heating. I think you should pull the air out of the motor instead of pushing in. Is your motor really heating up?

    Good luck


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