Resistor bender business card

By , May 15, 2010 9:47 am

On one of my favorite blog, hackaday, they had a post about MakerFaire 2009 business card back in 2009 In the article it say “We’ve also heard rumors that [Jérôme Demers] has bunch of resistor bending cards.”

I can tell you that this is not a rumor, here is the proof!

It is time for me to present to you my business card. During my internship at I was fortunate to get and design my own business card for the MakerFaire 2009. I had some crazy ideas and took effort to get this one accepted! It was finally accepted by my boss.

jerome demers buisness card

jerome demers buisness card

The idea is to make this resistor bender so it can be useful to you when you assemble a kit. On one of  my semester project at University, we had this huge PCB that was a amplifier and we had to solder a bunch for 1/4W resistor. I then decided to make a little quick and dirty resistor bender out of alumiun to help me in assembling my PCB.  It turn out to be really usefull.

Here is the picture of alumium version.

resistor bender metal

Then the prototyping started using my printer. I started with normal business card and cut holes in it then I use CorelDRAW to make the final version.jerome demers buisness card

These one came from CorelDRAW and then printed on a normal printer. I used cardboard paper.

evolution of jerome demers buisness card

The plan of my original idea was to able to bend two type of resistor leg width.

jerome demers buisness prototype card

A other idea, was  when the card was finish, it could also rest like a mini name plate on your desk my desk.

jerome demers buisness card

jerome demers buisness card

At maker faire, I meet a lot of nice people and here is some cool business card I got.

instructable buisness cardThis one is a sticker!

Limor had those limited aluminium card. I got the last one :) I also got her Laser cut SPIROGRAPH cards!

Here are some tips if you ever get other people business card. The first one was a tip that I learned from Dave (my boss at Solarbotics) when we went to this really nice electronics expo.

  1. Take notes. When you are at a faire, you see a lot of people and get a lot of business card. So write down immediately on the back of the card what you where talking with that person. In my case, I had sponsorship proposal, website link, product samples, etc.  We once help a mechanical engineer from 3M and he gave us his buisness card and he told us “if you need anything from 3M, you tell me and I will make it happen.” So I wrote down the time and every detail about the problem/project we help him solved. We never know what will happen next! 3M is one huge company!

    Here is a example of stuff I wrote on a card after talking to Collin Cunningham we where talking about this website that provide a single place to uploads to major video sharing sites. I have no clue why I did not write that link on his buisness card…

  2. Make a backup. After MakerFaire, I had a lot of card. I then got this idea to make a backup and took pictures of all my business card just in case I lost them.
  3. Get in touch. After a few days, send some email to thanks people you meet and get the first inital contact. That will help in the futur when you will need there expertise.

I hope you enjoyed, if you want my card, please come and see me at the solarbotics booth at MakerFaire 2010! See you there!

ps- I will also have my new Beetle bot kit!!

jerome demers beetle robot kit

jerome demers beetle robot kit

Top speed with my scooter!

By , May 9, 2010 6:00 am

I just realise that I forgot to post this. This is my scooter with the original motor.

scooter_speed_record_ 002

I was able to reach 40,3km/h!! That is 25Mph!! It was scary on my bad street road. When I came back of that ride, I also fell down at 34km/h, I pooped a wheelie and fell!! haha

scooter_speed_record_ 005


Here are other shoot of the moment one of the 3rd wire of the motor got unplug. Here is the peak of current.

scooter_speed_record_ 006


scooter_speed_record_ 009

That is 143AMP! That is alot of current! That did not help, the wires got hot and melted a little bit.

Motor bracket for Turnigy brushless motor

By , May 6, 2010 8:18 pm

A few days ago, I worked on the motor bracket. I also decided to make it bigger. I made is bigger because on the original bracket, I had one of the motor screws that was under a spacer. I had to remove the spacer to remove the screw. Since it is bigger, I have not problem now.

First I had to draw everything on the computer, I printed it to be sure I had the perfect fit. This is the new scooter. Since my bracket is bigger I had to drill new holes in the frame. I took the piece of paper on glued on the frame.

I wanted to be aligned so I turn on my LED flash light.

Here are the new holes.

I did the same thing here, I glued down the drawing and punch out the holes.

Those are the bottom and top of the bracket.

The only concern I have is that I am wondering if I am loosing the natual air flow of the motor by putting the motor bracket right in front of the motor vent holes. I was thinking of drilling holes but need to be sure I will not make my new bracket fragile on the edge.

On the right side of the spacer you can see washers, there are 3 washers, they help me to adjust the depth of the motor so I can aligned the belt.

I am thinking of adding this fan to cool down the motor. I bought this 7 blades turbine fan on hobbyking. It is a little bit big put should do the job. I will need to machine a bracket to hold it to the motor.

I might try other solution like a 5V PC fan.

Today I tested the motor and it works! I test the 30$ motor and at high speed, it was making this very high pitch sound. I will probably need to adjust timing and frequency directly on the brushless controller.

I am concerned about the heat generated by the motor while free running. It was running at full speed with no load for a 2 minutes and it get warm. So a fan will be needed to ensure the magnet health.

Steps before first run

  • Add belt tensionner
  • Enlarge frame
  • Wooden deck
  • Throttle wiring
  • Attach fan to motor

Got a new motor for my scooter!

By , May 1, 2010 5:47 pm

I few post back, I said I wanted a specific motor on hobbyking. It was still backorder so I decided I had to order a motor and live with it. I order the Turnigy C5065-350.

Here it is

That motor cost me 30$, so I bought 2. The original Rimfire motor is discontinued and was 99$

The first thing I did was take it appart! I knew that cheap motor like this one had to be inspected. I read that from different reviews on hobbyking that the majority of motor have there magnet falling off  (un-gluing).

After seen the above picture , I realise that I would probably need to add some epoxy!

On the left, is the 99$ motor and the right is the 30$ motor. That blue thing is glue, it looks like a epoxy, it is not like that around the entire motor. Only 1/4 of the motor. The 99$ motor has slot so the magnet slide in those slot. I do not have them with the cheap motor. Those slot and glue provide good strength.

On the left is the original motor.

While playing with that motor I realise something amazing! The part with the wire, the stator, can fit perfectly inside the brand new 30$ motor!

This is the stator, on the right you have the old one that I brooke, so there is not wire in it.

This is the old bracket, I will need to machine a new one. I am working on it right now.

The big difference between both motor is the quality of the magnet. (I think) When I remove the stator from the rotor, the 99$ motor offer a big resistance when I try to pull it out. I did not get the same type of resistance with the cheap 30$ motor. It was WAY more easy! I was suprised. The air gap seems to be the exact. (Airgap is the space between the magnet and the stator (coil)) So I guest the magnet are cheaper. I have no tools to measure the magnetization of the magnet. Maybe I could find that at my University…  (email sent)

BTW I ordered the real motor I wanted from hobby king! The TGY AerodriveXp 46 SK Series 50-55 580Kv / 1580w.

I am going back to finish up a new motor bracket. Can’t wait to ride the new scooter.  I will also modify the scooter: add 1,5 feet to the scooter. More on that later.

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