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By , February 19, 2010 2:25 pm
I added two pages, “Top post” and “My instructables

I am slowly adding my other projects. I have the layout done, it will look exactly like “My instructables” but with different projects.

For the “Top post” page, I wanted to have the most popular pages, but it does not seem to work. It gives me the lastest post… I tried using “Top Posts By Category ” by M&M but never got it to work. I then tried this other plugging “Latest Posts by Category Archive”Returns a list of your latest posts, organized by category. … humm let me read that again… I now know why it gives me the lastest post! What a failure! I will then try to get the “Top Posts By Category” working!

I am posting with w.bloggar. I can see html code when I am writting, I guest this is not a WYSIWYG editor “what you see is what you get”. I figure out how to import images… but there is no fancy editing except the html that I see here. That could be annoying when you have more then one images with different width and height.

btw, Rudy has already started the schematic of the motor controller, almost done. I might get the dev board soon! :)

I am also trying to get a livescribe pen, I really want one!

Update on the super scooter

By , February 15, 2010 5:03 pm

Hello everyone, I am doing my second intern at I brought with me a friend, Rudy to work at SB. We are having a blast here. The weeks go by way to fast!

I just wanted to let you know where my project is going. I broke the motor of my scooter.

borken motor lead

scooter_motor_problem_ 009

trying to fix the motor

I tried to fix it, it did work… for 10 meters when it broke again.

What happen is that the motor lead short circuited and that made the motor heat up a lot!
The vibration of the scooter rolling around made the battery move, thus pulling on the motor driver and unconnected/shorting the motor leads!!

motor short circuit

scooter_motor_problem_ 003


Here is a picture of the power consumption when I had the short circuit. Look at the current, 143Amp!!

a lot of current

a lot of watts

This is the motor I might buy

Rated Power: 1580w
Kv: 580rpm/v
Cell count: 4~8 Lipoly

It seems to be a very good candidate for my new motor. My original motor is 380rpm/v, this mean I will go faster!
I will have to wait to got back home to machine a new shaft.

BTW, did I told you I crash with my scooter going 34km/h? I popped a wheelie at 34km/h. The throttle was too sensitive.
I coded a function that would smoothed the input read from the throttle.



On a other note, I am also thinking of getting a motor controller devboard from Microchip.

Since I have no experience in brushless motor controller, I guest I could start with this neat product.
I has a user interface on the computer so I can see different things about the motor in action.

The PCB looks like this:


Here is the block diagram:


Rudy is working on a Hybrid SAE formula car for is final engineering 2 years project.

He his working on the electric motor drive system and I send him links to lithium battery, MIT go kart, etc. He got really interested in motor driver.
He will help me in the fabrication of the motor controller.


I am also posting this from a desktop wordpress application call Blogjet. It works nicelly for the moment. I am on the free trial. Not sure if I will buy it since there are tons of free one out there. Adding pictures to post is really easy. I will try a posting with w.bloggar too.

After posting, I realise that when you click on a image, it link to the the wrong images. I remove the links. We will try again.


Battle symet

By , February 15, 2010 2:54 pm

Here is a other robot I made for Solarbotics instructables.  The principal is base on the “symet” robot. Symet stand for symetrical/symmetric robot. You have a single motor where the shaft rest on the ground. It moves in different directions depending of the point of contact around the shaft and the ground. In my case I use 3 wheels and one of them is motorized. When the motor is powered, the entire robot spins in circles while moving foward.

If you want to build your own, please visit :

Here is the embeded instructables. Have fun!

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