Motor connections

By , October 27, 2009 5:27 pm

When I first installed the motor, I really wanted to test it. I did not have a motor controller so I when to see the guys from to borrow one of there 60Amp ESC controller. They did not have “gold bullet connectors” they had normal terminal connector.

making_connectors 001

I had to remove the “gold connectors” from the motor to change them with blue terminal connectors.

making_connectors 002

You don’t want to cut those wires, each individual wire strand is covered with thin insulation. The insulation of each tip was remove. So if you cut the wire, you will need to remove the insulation. I recommend high power soldering iron , this  will melt the insulation. I use to take a open flame to burn the insulation… not good, the wire was black and was hard to solder.

making_connectors 003

The connectors are now crimp to the wire.

making_connectors 004

I was now ready to test my super scooter.

As we speak,  I have my controller and I soldered back the originals gold connectors.

Maker faire 2009 push scooter

By , October 19, 2009 8:50 am

When I was at the Maker faire 2009, I saw this neat scooter modification. I was able to ride it. It was awesome, the front wheel make the entire ride smooth and very stable. The ride was amazing!

It is so great, that I took picture just in case I wanted to build one :) Then I realise that I could make one using the same electric motor I have :)

MAKER_FAIRE_2009_ 027

MAKER_FAIRE_2009_ 028

Back in Québec, I was able to find a razor push scooter for 1.50$ and a kid bike for 1$ at garage sell! The wheel on the kid bike is around 12 inch and I was planning to make it using a small wheel. I still want something portable if I enter a city bus or something like that.

I was also able to find a electric scooter for 18$.E100_electric_scooter_ 001

E100_electric_scooter_ 003

E100_electric_scooter_ 004

E100_electric_scooter_ 002

I bought that scooter for parts. I wanted the wheels, batteries and other stuff. The scooter was working. I was going around 10km/h ( 6mph). I little to slow.

EVPlasmaman scooter

By , October 12, 2009 12:47 pm

When I was at the Maker faire 2009, I saw this guy pass me with a electric scooter. I remember seen that scooter on the internet, his personnal website

I yelled  ” hey man” and he stop and we start talking. His name is Jos :)

He use a 3000W ( 4HP ) AXI 5345/18 GOLD LINE brushless motor.MAKER_FAIRE_2009_ 113

He also use Lithium Iron phosphate (LiFePO4 ) battery

The setup use 48 A123 cells.  4 cells in parallel and then 12 sets of those in series to make ~42Volts.

Is top speed is 20Mph. He also has a 3:1 planetary gear box. It turn out to be 4:1 with the ratio of the chain.

MAKER_FAIRE_2009_ 114

The gear box is from Matex gears.

You can find more picture here and on his personnal blog

MAKER_FAIRE_2009_ 116

MAKER_FAIRE_2009_ 115

My main power switch

By , October 3, 2009 2:37 pm

I just got this nice little cut off switch. The problem I had, is not having a nice and asthetic way to power my scooter. I had some dean connectors coming out of a hole and connected those wire together. No really nice seeing wire coming out. A member of the VamUdeS told me where I could find this neat little device: They use that cut off to remove power to the main motor on there plane. A very safe way to know that you motor will go turn on, when you are checking under the hood. I use this device because I could not find a normal switch that could handle 40Amp and + of power without melting.

The “real” name is Battery Arming Switch ( Safely Arm and Disarm your RC ) Product number is MAXX 6970. This will be the main “switch” to power the entire scooter. The concept is very simple, you have a little loop of wire on the end of a connector. When you plug it in the other end, it close the electric path and current can now flow to the controller and motor.

scooter_parts_ 006

scooter_parts_ 007

scooter_parts_ 008

The only draw back of this cut off it the wire gauge is only 14AWG. It will work but one day I will probably need to go with 10AWG to make sure the wire will not get hot, meaning lossing precious energy in heat.

Charger and lithium battery

By , October 1, 2009 7:48 pm

I got my charger and my lithium battery from china. The charger is really high quality and very simple to use. It also balance each individual cell to make sure they will last longer and prevent damaging the entire pack.

scooter_parts_ 005

This is the review I left on site

I really love this charger. The concept of KISS ( Keep It Simple Stupid ) is 100% there with that product!

The build quality is very good, all aluminium. Charging is sort of very simple and stupid proof. It was a 5Amp car fuse on the back. It has rubber feet on the bottom. Some solid silkscreen/sticker on top. It is bullet proof!

When you plug a 3 cell into the charger, 3 RED led will glow and then after it is finish, it will turn to GREEN.

If there is a bad cell, the specific LED will flash from RED to GREEN.

You can charge battery using what they call “parallel” charging. So you charge your 3 cell with only 2 wire at 11.8V instead of 3 time 3.7V.
You need special plug to do that.

The fans does make noise. It is not that bad but it makes noise.

The only thing that I don’t like is the 12V car adapter. I don’t want to cut it and will need to make my own socket.

After charging my 4 cell battery. I had

my other battery was

I highly recommend this charger!

Have fun!

The battery had good reviews so I bought them and they where really cheap. These are 14.8V 5Amp battery.  When charge, they go up to 16V. I will put 2 in series to get around 33.5V fully charged.

scooter_parts_ 003

I had to solder some dean connectors on them since they came with 4mm gold bullet connector and I don’t use them in my scooter.

scooter_parts_ 002

The connectors on the left are the deans connectors. I even took the time to put red and black heatshrink.

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