Motor installed

By , September 16, 2009 8:55 am

Here is how it looks all assembled. I had no real problems when I assembled it. Everything fit perfectly!

motor_installed_ 001

motor_installed_ 004

motor_installed_ 002

motor_installed_ 003

After testing the scooter, I realise that this beefy motor bracket acts has a heat shrink! I was amazed to see that the heat was transfert to the side of the scooter, I remember the first time I touch the side, it was pretty warm. This pretty good new. I am also planning to have a fan attach to the motor to give better cooling. I am making some fan design to test it out.

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  1. Loginub says:

    Hey man great work I was looking for something like this! do you have any instructions or the parts you used? I want to try build one to carry me 70kg at least but, I have no idea how powerful the motor must be, and the battery, I’ll be using two motors in the back 2 wheels separately, and if possible throttle

    Can you help? thanks!

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