Got a new scooter

By , August 23, 2009 5:12 pm

Saturday, my girlfriend and I when to St-Eustache flew market, one of the biggest flew market in Québec. I was able to find the exact scooter I have. It did not have any battery and no motor. It  is the new version of the one I have. It has a place to put a bicycle seat! I bought it for 10$, I did try to bargain but that lady did not want to do business. The wheels are in very good conditions! They are worth 24$ for the back wheel and 19$ for the front. The frame is also wider and does not have this metal container. I also find a other electric scooter that I already have. It was more expensive and missing parts. It was 35$ and only had one 12V battery and it a was a mess.

I also saw some brand new scooter like the one I got for 10$, they where brand new for a 100$ and the where suppose to go 15km/h. Mine will cost way more and go way faster! :)

There is the scooter with my mom bike seat. I have a Giant mountain bike and giant’s seat post are not standard, they are ~30mm diameter compare to ~26 – 27 mm.

electric_scooter_prototype_1_ 026

electric_scooter_prototype_1_ 027

Here you can see how wide the frame his. I can not insert the battery in the frame I have right now. By the way, I will not use lead battery in the final scooter, this is just for testing.

electric_scooter_prototype_1_ 028

The wheels are also different. The back wheel seems to have a better incorporation of the back break. The front wheel has holes in it.

electric_scooter_prototype_1_ 025

Motor shaft machining

By , August 21, 2009 7:58 am

To make my scooter with my new motor, I needed to change the shaft of the new motor so I could insert the belt pullet on it. The real problem was that the original motor was to short. I needed to have a beffy bracket to hold the motor and at the same time have enough shaft length to hold on the belt pulley. With the original shaft I could only have one and not both.  I then decided to machine a new shaft. It is really easy to change the shaft of a brushless motor. I said to myself, “If you make something, make it right the first time!

I went to a great place in town call Métaux Gherbavaz to buy some 8mm rod. I took some tool making metal so I could temper it. The bearing inside the motor where 8mm, well, it was 7.96mm and I had the machine  my new 8mm rod down just enough to make it fit in the bearing…

Istarted by fixing, the entire 24″ rod in the lathe. Only 4 to 5 inch was coming out the other end.


The first idea was to use sand paper to get it to the perfect bearing diameter. I started at the right end, sanded until the bearing could fit on the shaft. On this picture you can see a black marking , that was where the bearing stop moving, I also use the cooper rod in a angle at the bottom of the picture to tell me where the bearing was when it was stuck and could not more further on the shaft. Then I continued to sand the rod.

In conclusion it goes like this: Fit the bearing on the shaft until it does not move anymore, then sand until the bearing can move again towards the left.


Here you can see the bearing and the angle cooper rod has the guide.


Checking with the original shaft where to make to groove for the C-clip.

shaft_brushless_ 001

Making the C-clip groove was not hard has I expected. Simply go foward with a V cutter.

shaft_brushless_ 002

Making the D shape on the belt pulley.

shaft_brushless_ 004

Using a fill to make sure the pulley fit perfectly…

shaft_brushless_ 006


shaft_brushless_ 007

Comparing the original shaft with the new one.

shaft_brushless_ 008

These pictures was before the tempering, I wanted to see if everything fits perfectly before tempering.

shaft_brushless_ 010

You can clearlly see that I need to cut the tip of the shaft before tempering it.

shaft_brushless_ 009

The shaft in this picture is tempered ( it was cut the perfect length ). It is really dark because I took picture on new light table and I don’t have engough top light.

motor_shim_shaft_ 007

motor_shim_shaft_ 008

The new and original shaft. The original is at the bottom of the picture.

motor_shim_shaft_ 003

Here is what you did not see. The first shaft Imade was perfect! I was only concern about the tiny slack with the bearing and the new 7.96mm shaft. I was concern, so I tried other way to machine the shaft down to 7.96mm. I use the cutter to cut away a thin layer of metal, but it end up with a rough surface. I then tried again sanding by hand on the patio taking my time. It started find the bearing was moving along the shaft but toward the end the bearing could slide WAY to easilly on the entire shaft. I when back to the original shaft.

I decide to temper the shaft because I thought it was cool! Tempering metal is a ART! ok! There is tons of way to temper and plenty of ways you can temper it. I ask a my friend David a mechanical engineer and a my other friend Pat, who took blacksmith course to make knifes. It is very complex art and pretty interesting. David told me that you can buy special sort of wax crayon that melt only at a specific temperature, so you heat up your metal until the tip of the crayon melts, then you know that your are stage 1 and you start to temper it by dropping it into water or oil, you then let it sit. After that you start over with stage 2 and you use a other wax crayon with a other heat threshold. That is only one way, he explain many other cool ways!

I end up asking my dad to blowtorch it until it became cherry hot and ask him to drop it in water.  We did not have a high power blowtorch at home, so my dad took it at work. He told me that the metal was a very nice cherry hot colour.

The first test on video

By , August 19, 2009 8:04 am

Here is the first test I did at school. I ask the guys from for a 60Amp castle phoenix electric speed controller (ESC ) and a military grade14.8V battery.

To control the motor, we took a radio control with a receiver connected to the ESC on my scooter.

Right now I am working on the 36V version. I got three 12V lead acid battery 4.5Amp each. I made a jig to hold the battery. I can got pretty fast :)

I have more test to do then I will post a video.

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